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  • Founder of Cycling Soigneur, a platform dedicated to providing expert insights into cycling training, bicycle maintenance, and repairs.
  • Combining research and real-life experience to ensure readers can embrace a scientific approach to their cycling journey.
  • Enthusiastic contention creator, sharing valuable content to engage and educate the cycling community.


As a passionate cycling enthusiast, Randy Joycelyn founded Cycling Soigneur with a mission to empower cyclists worldwide. With a wealth of knowledge in cycling training, bicycle maintenance, and repairs, Randy aims to revolutionize the way readers experience cycling.

Through his writing, Randy empowers readers to navigate the world of cycling with confidence and precision. Drawing from a blend of extensive research and personal experiences, he ensures that his readers can enjoy cycling in a scientific and informed manner.

In addition to his role as the founder of Cycling Soigneur, Randy also embraces the role of contention creator. His commitment to sharing valuable content enriches the cycling community, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and growth.

When Randy isn't immersed in the world of cycling, he enjoys indulging in his other interests, including basketball and video games. By maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle, he gains fresh perspectives that further enrich his writing.



Randy Joycelyn has honed his cycling expertise through a combination of lifelong passion and hands-on experience. Even though he has no specific educational details about cycling in a school, his dedication to cycling has been cultivated through years of devotion and continuous learning.



Having accomplished the remarkable feat of cycling 10,000 km in a year in 2022-2023, Randy is determined to push his limits and achieve this milestone once more. He remains committed to inspiring and guiding cyclists to embrace their cycling journey with enthusiasm and a scientific approach.


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