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Hi there, welcome to Cycling Soigneur, the website for cycling enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find something useful and interesting here.

My name is Randy, and I am the founder and editor of Cycling Soigneur. I have been passionate about cycling since I was a kid, and I have been riding bikes for over 10 years. Cycling has become a part of life.

On days off at work, I will go out for touring with my cycling-loving friends to the destination that we have planned before.

And on workdays, I will ride on my Magene T200 indoor bike trainer for one hour exercising when I get home.

magene t200 trainer

And recently (since early December, 2023), I have been planning to build a new road bicycle and started buying the parts and tools needed. Hopefully, I will start the buidling work next month (the beginning of January, 2024), and share the whole process here on this page.

And today (2nd January, 2024), first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks. Secondly, I just finished the building of my new road bicycle. Here is the list of all brands and parts that this bicycle has,

alll bicycle parts
alll bicycle parts
  • No name carbon fiber road bicycle frame.
  • No name carbon fiber road bicycle fork.
  • No name carbon fiber road bicycle seat tube.
  • Giant Fleet SLR saddle.
  • Shimano R7100 crank.
  • Shimano BB92-41B bottom bracket.
  • Shimano R7101 cassette sprocket
  • Shimano R7150 left and right levers.
  • Shimano R7170 front and rear calipers.
  • Shimano R7150 front derailleur.
  • Shimano R7150 rear derailleur.
  • Shimano DN300 battery.
  • Shimano MT800 rotors.
  • Shimano M6100 chain.
  • No name carbon fiber 700C rims.
  • DT Swiss 240 exp front and rear hubs.
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes.
  • Continental GP5000 tublar tires.
  • No name inner tubes.

Then let’s take a look at the weight of the Shimano 105 DI2 groupset,

Shimano R7100 crank weight
Shimano R7100 crank weight: 745g
Shimano BB92-41B bottom bracket weight
Shimano BB92-41B bottom bracket weight: 55g
Shimano R7150 left and right levers weight
Shimano R7150 left and right levers weight: 441g
Shimano R7170 calipers weight
Shimano R7170 calipers weight: 331g
Shimano R7150 front derailleur weight
Shimano R7150 front derailleur weight: 137g
Shimano MT800 rotors weight
Shimano MT800 rotors weight: 193g
Shimano R7150 rear derailleur weight
Shimano R7150 rear derailleur weight: 300g
Shimano R7101 cassette sprocket weight
Shimano R7101 cassette sprocket weight: 352g
Shimano DN300 battery
Shimano DN300 battery: 67g
Shimano M6100 chain weight
Shimano M6100 chain weight: 279g
Giant Fleet SLR weight
Giant Fleet SLR weight: 180g

And here are some pictures of the whole process of building this road bicycle,

wheels, tires, and tubes
wheels, tires, and tubes
installed wheels
installed wheels
bleed and fill the Shimano 105 hydraulic brake
new road bicycle handlebar tape wrapping

And finally, here is the new-built road bicycle.

view of my new road bicycle
frontal view of my new road bicycle

I work this website to share my knowledge and experience with other cyclists, and to help them enjoy this amazing sport as much as I do.

On Cycling Soigneur, you will find:

Cycling guides: You will learn how to ride smartly in different terrains, weather conditions, and situations. You will get the basics of cycling, such as how to choose the right bike size, how to adjust your saddle height, how to shift gears, and how to brake properly. You will also have the advanced tips on how to improve your speed, endurance, power, and technique.

Bicycle reviews: Find out which bikes and cycling equipments are the best for your needs and budget. We will give you honest and unbiased reviews of the latest and most popular bikes and accessories on the market. We will also compare different models and brands and help you make the best decision.

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I will also answer your frequently asked questions and address your common cycling problems.

My goal is to make Cycling Soigneur your go-to source for everything cycling. I hope you will find my website helpful, informative, and entertaining. I also hope you will join me in this journey of exploring the wonderful world of cycling.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting Cycling Soigneur. Happy cycling!